Personal Protection Dogs

Learn more about our highly-trained, loyal and capable personal protection dogs.

Is there a bigger priority in life than protecting our loved ones? You truly cannot put a price on keeping your family and your home safe from the threat of intruders. Unfortunately, the threat from burglars is a real one, and having an effective deterrent to protect your family can make a huge difference to their safety – not to mention offering incredible peace of mind.

There are fewer more effective deterrents than a personal protection dog. These highly-trained dogs strike an amazing balance. They are social and friendly with the members of your household, and great around children – but the moment a threat is posed, they react without hesitation to protect your home and those inside it.  

At Soldat d’Elite, we provide fully-trained personal protection dogs to keep your family safe. Our dogs are trained in on and off-leash obedience for ultimate control, and will spring into action if they sense there is a threat to your home. Contact us today for more information on the protection dogs we have for sale, or click the button below to view the current dogs we have available.

The Benefits of Protection Dogs

There are several benefits of obtaining a well-trained protection dog:

Reaction time

Dogs have highly attuned senses, which means they can recognize the danger far before a human will be aware of it. This reaction time can alert both an intruder and act as a deterrent, and also gives you and your family advance warning of a dangerous situation.


The sheer ferocity of a protection dog’s bark can be enough to ward off an individual intent on causing you harm. Not only will this deter someone from breaking into your home, but it will also startle the intruder.

Loyalty and companionship

Protection dogs may be intimidating to intruders, but they are extremely loyal to their family – which makes them ideal to have around children or elderly members of the household. Protection dogs can become a loved member of the family, and not simply a tool for your safety.

Peace of mind

Ultimately, you cannot put a price on your safety, or the safety of the people you care about. Owning a fully-trained protection dog who is constantly on the lookout for threats to your safety and wellbeing is an invaluable asset for our family.

Who Can Benefit From Soldat d’Elite Protection Dogs?

Anyone who feels threatened or needs extra security whilst in their home or out in public can benefit from a protection dog, but here are just some examples of groups who commonly request the assistance of a protection dog:

  • High-profile individuals (politicians, celebrities, etc.)
  • Concerned or worried parents
  • Business owners and their families
  • Vulnerable individuals 

What Makes Soldat d’Elite Dogs Different?

At Soldat d’Elite, our founder Laurie McIntosh has decades of experience when it comes to working line Belgian Malinois. Combined with an unparalleled level of care and attention, our dogs are social, confident, and most importantly, they perform the jobs they are trained to do.

Soldat d’Elite dogs have been placed with working dog teams across North America, and have proven themselves to be capable time and time again. We are proud of the working dogs we produce, and we pride ourselves on offering you support at every step of the process – from our initial discussions, to maintaining your protection dog’s capabilities with ongoing support after you receive your dog.

With the proliferation of the Internet, there is no shortage of people who claim to offer dogs that will protect your family. They often show videos or photos of their aggressive dog barking and biting a sleeve, typically without context and without proof of their credentials. A protection dog is a serious investment – both financially, and in your family’s safety. 

Do not take chances or cut corners. I encourage everyone to do their due diligence before buying a protection dog from anyone – and that is why we have case studies from dogs we have placed with police departments and individuals across North America, and why I encourage anyone who is interested in purchasing a Soldat d’Elite Kennel protection dog to reach out to us so we can discuss your specific needs.