Working Line Puppies

Learn more about our process and philosophy at Soldat d’Elite, and read testimonials from previous recipients of Soldat d’Elite puppies.

"Our team at Highland Canine has trained hundreds of police dogs over the years. I can tell you from experience that the drive, temperament and overall trainability of Laurie’s working line puppies is exceptional. We know the dogs she has provided will go on to make a significant difference alongside their K9 handlers, and help to keep communities safe.”
jason purgason highland canine president
Jason Purgason
President, Highland Canine Training, LLC

At Soldat d’Elite Kennel, we are proud to provide working line puppies for a variety of purposes across the United States and Canada. Whether you need a dog for protection or apprehension, for detection work or for search and rescue, our puppies have a history of growing up to perform effectively in a number of working disciplines.

Reliable working dogs don’t just appear out of nowhere. To give yourself the chance to succeed, you can’t just pick a random pup from an unknown breeder and hope for the best. You need to work with puppies who have been thoroughly tested for drive and temperament, in addition to a lineage that demonstrates their durability as working dogs. It is critical to work with a reliable breeder who can help you at every stage of the process.

Our founder, Laurie McIntosh, has decades of experience when it comes to working dogs. Laurie’s expertise, care and attention have led to working line puppies being placed across North America and achieving success. She understands the importance of every step of the breeding and training process, including early socialization and drive development, all the way to the final placement of the puppy with its new handler.

soldat delite working line puppies

Why choose Soldat d'Elite?


Laurie McIntosh has been involved in dog training and breeding for almost three decades. Dating back to the 1990s, Laurie bred and trained German Shepherds for use by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Understanding every stage of the process, Laurie’s invaluable experience means that she is able to offer a level of guidance and advice that is simply unmatched by other breeders.


Working line puppies from Soldat d’Elite have gone on to be trained for a variety of different purposes across North America. Regardless of the task at hand, our puppies have the inherent drive they need to succeed in virtually any working discipline. We start socialising and training our working puppies from an early age, which is critical for their development. In terms of health, durability, drive and temperament, our puppies have consistently demonstrated their suitability. 


We understand the importance of making the right decision when it comes to choosing a working line puppy, so you can rest assured that we’re with you, every step of the way! We are happy to speak with you about the specific type of working dog you’re looking for, so we can tailor the approach we take with their early training. We pride ourselves on being easily available and providing great customer service. We care about every puppy we place – and we want to make sure that both the dog and you, as its handler, are set up for success.

“A big thing we look for in working dog candidates is a high work drive - whether that’s hunt drive or defense drive - because that gives them the ability to do their job. It’s not always something that you can necessarily teach - sometimes it’s either there or it’s not.

Looking at these puppies from Laurie, it was very clear as soon as we started working with these dogs that they were very confident, highly intelligent and easy to train. They also have a very clear on/off switch, which you don’t always get with a Belgian Malinois! For their age, it seems like these dogs are ahead of the average working dog candidate, and they’ve done phenomenally.

Before these dogs even got to us at Highland, Laurie had done a great job on drive development and bitework. This foundation that Laurie had provided really helped us as we got into their training.

Three of these puppies will go on to work with law enforcement as Police K9s, whilst another will go on to be a personal protection dog.

As a trainer, I can definitely say it has been a joy to work with these puppies. I would highly recommend Laurie and her puppies for any working purpose.”
amber vaughn highland canine working dog trainer
Amber Vaughn
Working Dog Trainer, Highland Canine Training

What should you look for in a working line breeder?

When it comes to choosing a breeder of working line puppies, there are a few important questions you should ask. This will help you to evaluate the suitability of your breeder, and we invite you to contact us with any questions you may have about our breeding and training process.

A conversation with a working line breeder can be very revealing. You should come away from the conversation with more confidence than you did beforehand – the breeder should be able to answer your questions and demonstrate their knowledge and expertise in response to all of your questions.

Success Stories

Officer McClane & K9 Ace

“My new partner-in-crime. I can’t express how excited and grateful I am to have such a good dog.”
– Officer McClane

This K9 team is working in Eden, NC. 

Officer Bennett & K9 Axel

“I’m very pleased with Axel’s motivation when working, yet relaxed demeanor when not.”
– Officer Bennett

This K9 team is working in St Marys, GA.

Officer Corriher & K9 Halo

Halo (originally Aztec; Officer Corriher renamed Aztec as Halo after his daughter suggested that the dog would be his guardian angel) is working in Rowan County, NC.

Jaeger (aka Awol)

Jaeger is working as a personal protection dog for a doctor and his wife in Hollywood, CA.


armagettin malinois dog

Owned by: Mike & Angela Bedard, Calgary, AB.

Trained & handled by: Saul Garcia & Julie Valero of K9Educate, Calgary, AB.

Arm-a-gettin has been trained for personal protection and he has also obtained his CSAU & Brevet in the sport of French Ring at 12 months of age.

Daymon Skelton & Reuben (aka Ares)

daymon skelton and ares hrd dog

Reuben is working as a human remains detection (HRD) dog in British Columbia, handled by Daymon Skelton.


Handled by Laurie McIntosh, Mojito is a recently retired French Ring competitor. Mojito retired as the 2022 Canadian Ringsport Association Ring III Champion.

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